Updating Software with Ease

I patch enough computers at work, so when it is time to patch my own computer with third party patches, I like to do it effortlessly.

Here are two different software’s that help with this burden:

1. SUMo – This software scans your entire computer for every piece of outdated software. After the scan is done, you simply head over to the sites of each software and update it or you can use the built-in software updater in the software if it is equipped with one. If you want SUMo to auto download the updates, you can check out their paid SUMo version.

Warning: Make sure you download the “Lite” version or you’ll have fun extras! 

2. Patch My PC – Downloads and installs your updates for you! Very handy tool to have lying around, especially after a freshly formatted Windows system. Not a huge database of software, but surprisingly large enough that all the essentials and plus some are covered.

I use both of them because they both balance out one another. Sumo will find more outdated software than Patch My PC, but what Patch My PC does find will be automatically updated with ease.

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